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How To Stream Live Video in GoToWebinar

Ken Molay of Webinar Succcess reports on a recent demonstration of  a handy production technique by webinar producer Gary Jesch. Jesch shows that a software video switcher called XSplit can be used to put high-quality live video into the HDFaces portion of a GoToWebinar session, so that webinar hosts can have the advantages of playing […]

How To Use Video Smartly

Ken Molay of Webinar Succcess supplies this recent blog post about best practices for incorporating video into webcasts and online meetings –

Blog – What We’re All About Here

By Gary Jesch – Entrepreneur, Webcast Producer and Digital Puppeteer At CHOPS Webcasting and Live Animation, we work with marketing directors, producers and meeting planners to provide webcasting and 3D animation technologies that transform boring corporate events into unforgettable, emotionally-moving presentations. For example, our interactive 3D avatars can entertain audiences while getting important messages across, […]