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Gary Jesch of CHOPS Webcasting

By Gary Jesch – Entrepreneur, Webcast Producer and Digital Puppeteer

At CHOPS Webcasting and Live Animation, we work with marketing directors, producers and meeting planners to provide webcasting and 3D animation technologies that transform boring corporate events into unforgettable, emotionally-moving presentations.

For example, our interactive 3D avatars can entertain audiences while getting important messages across, in webcasts, tradeshow exhibits, general sessions and training meetings.

Each of the webinars we produce for our clients gets special attention to make it even better than their previous ones. When it comes to webinars and webcasting, our 25 years of speaker support and meetings experiences translate into widely-appreciated production help. We ease the overall burden on company managers like you, giving you confidence in areas that may be technically overwhelming or giving you extra time to focus on other important concerns.

Our webinars and webcasts have a favorable impact on the environment by reducing fuel consumption from airplane and car travel.


CHOPS Webcasting’s purpose is to provide webcasting and 3D animation technologies that are both different and effective at creating memorable experiences, in the hands of marketing, sales and training professionals to improve business operations and generate more sales.

When we help, the messages our clients share are remembered longer and at a deeper level, because of the power of entertaining presentations, especially those with the reach and the low relative costs of webcasts.


We are constantly raising the bar for effect, quality and impact when it comes to business meetings. We see our clients among the leaders in the business community because of more powerful and far-reaching communications with our assistance.

We welcome your comments and encourage an open line of communication with our customers, prospects and friends. Thank you very much.

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